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The Gadgetman Groove

on ALLyour gasoline engines!


First things first:

The Gadgetman Groove works only on engines

with a Butterfly-Style throttle body.This is approximately 99.5% of all gasoline engines.


This does NOT include Diesel powered equipment.


Go to our Video Reports Page to see what to expect.


Other than that, there are no special requirements.

The Gadgetman Groove is based on the science of fluid dynamics. As a science, that means the results are fairly predictable.


Whether you are talking about...

a Generator,

a Chain Saw

or a

Supercharged Mustang


You are going to know something good has happened to your engine, as has been demonstrated thousands of times!


And all of our customers are protected by a

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

(Reversal of the modification is required.)

Our customers report:

- More Power!

- Better Throttle Response

(Eliminates Turbo Hesitation!)

- Greatly Reduced Emissions

- Cooler Operating Temperatures

- Smoother Running Engines


And in most cases,

- Better Mileage!



There are three ways to get The Groove.


1) Through the Mail

2) Personal Service by a Local Gadgetman

3) Learn the Technology Yourself



Here's how they work:


Mail-In Mods

(30-Day Guarantee)

With the mail-in service, you send us your throttle body or we order one for your vehicle.

(a core charge will be applied)

We modify the throttle body and send it back to you and it's installed in a 20-minute process.

If we order one on your behalf, we hold onto your original throttle body for 30 days so in the unlikely event you're not happy, we can return your original equipment.

Shipping Instructions

Personal Service by a Gadgetman

(90-Day Guarantee)

In this case, you will need to

Find a Gadgetman Near You.

(We do not have a Gadgetman in every town or country, but we will!)

If you find we have someone listed near you, but provide no contact information, they're on the

Personal License Program

and are still learning.

In select instances, we can give a referral to a trainee if that's the way you want to go.

Find a Gadgetman Near You

Learn it and do it YOURSELF!


If you have a small amount of mechanical aptitude and can operate a Dremel,

you probably have what it takes to learn this beautifully simple technology.

All you need to do is select the plan that's best for you and get ready for an adventure!

Whether you're a Garage-Level Tinkerer (I was!) or a

Professional Service Technician, you can learn to Do The Groove in a few days,and master it in a few weeks.

All you need are the right tools, the right training and the right resources.

We have that, for SURE!

Learn to Do The Groove!

Licensing available for $500 in many cases. Be sure to ask Tracy about a partial scholarship.


No matter which way you go, we want you to know

we're glad you've taken an interest in our little discovery!


If you still can't decide, feel free to 

E-mail Tracy Gallaway

He's always glad to help.

And if you don't want to wait, call him at 775-544-7692.

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Contact Info

  • Gadgetman Technologies
  • Tracy Gallaway
  • Reno Nevada USA 89503
  • 775-544-7692